Give your prescription a head start.
Does Your Pharmacy Accept E-Prescriptions? Patient Resources

Benefits of E-Prescriptions

Hear what patients, physicians, nurses and medical staff, and pharmacists have to say about e-prescribing.

E-Prescriptions are…

Your healthcare provider enters your prescription directly into his/her computer, instead of using a pen and prescription pad. Your prescription travels from your doctor’s computer to the pharmacy’s computer before you ever leave the exam room, giving your prescription a "head start".

No more trip to the pharmacy to drop off the prescription!

Your prescription information is not sent over the open Internet and is not sent as an e-mail. E-Prescriptions are sent electronically through a private, secure, and closed network – the Surescripts network.

No handwriting to interpret.

Your physician can determine which medications are covered by your insurance before writing your prescription. This makes it easier for your doctor to prescribe the most cost effective medication.

E-Prescribing benefits physicians as well!

  • Fewer faxes and phone calls to and from pharmacies
  • Ability to automate prescription refill authorizations
  • Point of care access to patient medication history from pharmacies
  • More time to devote to patient care
  • Physicians should visit for more information
  • Point of care access to patient eligibility and formulary information from payers and pharmacy benefits managers

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